System of Interdependent Terms

“System of Interdependent Terms,” examines the individual as formed and co-created by others in intimate, intersubjective relationships.  Through a dyad of language and silence, this work addresses the discourse that connects couples, the disconnect that happens when language fails to effectively communicate, and the cold and static discomfort of silence that western society has come to associate as a negative vacuum.  This photographic series breaks down the notion of an “all powerful” language by challenging concepts of where meaning and content lie in relation to the often overlooked abyss surrounding language.

This series presents “couples” that are seeking to connect through a language that serves as a vehicle to interpret the interior of another, while also acting as a barrier that keeps them at distance.  Space is emphasized as potential; the potential to distance one’s self from another, and the potential to “reach” across space to form a relationship.  It is in this “reaching” that a mutuality, and a desire for overcoming separateness, can evolve into an empathetic compassion that transcends duality.

This work seeks out the spaces that lie in between words, and in their absence, where intimacy and connectivity dwell; a realm where humans are able to mirror themselves extra-linguistically, in another human being.