Sand, Stone, Dead Leaves & Bone

            It seems that while that we can recognize that we are a part of nature, there is evidence of a disconnect taking place.  We have no solid definition of what it is that we claim to be a part of, and rationality is privileged over wildness and chaos.   We set aside small areas of land for enjoyment, we pay to see caged animals; we want to “dabble” in nature so that we can feel closer to it.  “Sand, Stones, Dead Leaves & Bone” examines our relationship to nature and the anxiety that comes from our lack of contact with it.

Presented in this project are slightly unsettling images of humans being engulfed by nature and vice versa; attractive and repulsive in their approach.  This dualism suggests that perhaps we fear nature might win if we don’t dominate it, while at the same time alluding to the acceptance of not being in control. Through the use of medium format film photography, installation, and digital technology, I explore “backyard” suburban nature and the integration of the physical and mental self into its surroundings.